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Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a great tool for doing in-depth keyword research. It ties into Google’s keyword tool API as well as many other functions in order to give you the quickest possible road to the lowest competition, highest traffic, highest commercial value keywords, that you have the best possible chance for ranking high in. They have a free trial which will give you access to try it for a week or 2 so you can see just what kind of power is in your hands.

Places Scout

Places Scout is a tool I use for local online marketing research. It has great features to allow users to locate opportunities to gain ground on your competition. It is also great at locating great local keyword phrases, as well as locating high quality opportunities for citations.


Shipwire is an order fulfillment company that specializes in small customers. While most fulfillment warehouses require thousands of shipments a month, Shipwire puts the power of a world-class shipping warehouse in the hands of the start-up low-budget eCommerce entrepreneurs. They currently have warehouses in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, London and soon Hong Kong. Read How to Expand Your eCommerce Business by 20% in a Month.


oDesk is a site where you can find and hire virtual assistants, web developers, web designers, marketing professionals and more for as little as $1 per hour! Yes, you read that right, for as low as $1.00 per hour, you could have your very own (usually foreign) worker working on tasks that are either tedious and repetitive, or that you know nothing about and can’t afford a local contractor. Check out my article on The Morality of Outsourcing.


Elance is a site where you can hire outsourcers, like oDesk, but while oDesk has more of a focus on programmers and data entry people, Elance is is better known for its quality of writers and creative professionals.


Viglink is a giant affiliate aggregator. They allow you to work as an ‘affiliate’s affiliate’ in essence. It’s a great way to become an Amazon affiliate if you live in Colorado, California or any other Amazon banned state. It’s also a great way to get affiliate income from programs you would not qualify for otherwise.