Kyle Marvin | Motivation From a Guy in a Pontiac Sunbird
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Motivation From a Guy in a Pontiac Sunbird

Motivation From a Guy in a Pontiac Sunbird

I love Craigslist. Especially for getting rid of stuff, and finding people do to things for cheap.  My family and I are in the process of moving, but before we move, we need to sell our house. In an effort to get the property looking ‘show ready’, this past weekend we did a lot of yard work. By the end, we had a giant pile of trimmed branches from our apricot tree. Some of the wood was large, some sections were 6 feet long and 8 inches in diameter. Also, a lot of it was small branches with leaves. The mass filled half our driveway.The branches on my apricot tree are jagged, sharp and a pain in the neck to deal with.

Finding Someone to Haul Branches

After calling our trash company to be told they’d charge over $100 to haul, we turned to Craigslist to find someone to haul away the branches for a more realistic price. Many people came in offering to haul for around $50 to $60, but we got one reply from a guy offering to haul for $30. Deal! I wondered how he would justify doing this work for so little, seeing as the dump fee would essentially break him even. I just assumed he has the need for firewood, or he has private property to let it deteriorate on. It’s branches, it’s biodegradable material… I’m not getting rid of car batteries or Rosie O’Donnell’s underwear, so what do I care how he disposes of it?

First Contact: Guy in Pontiac

Right on time, a guy shows up on my door step saying that he was here to haul the branches. I glanced at him, then his car, a 90’s Pontiac, then back at him, and said “Great, there’s the pile. Are you coming later with a truck?” “No sir, I’m going to get the job done with my car. Don’t worry about anything, I’ll get it taken care of sir.” I was taken off guard, but I shook his hand and let him get to work. I didn’t know how he was going to physically pull this off.

Guilt Sets In

He started with his trunk, filling in all the leaves and branches he could fit. Having to manually break down the branches with brute force to get them in there. I thought to myself “He’s never gonna fit it all… I feel so bad… Maybe he’ll make a couple trips.” I started feeling bad, like I did something wrong by hiring the guy. I suppose I could have turned him down. Saved him the trouble? Once the trunk was full, he tool a small section of twine that he had on hand to tie it down. He then proceeded to drop the passenger seat down and start filling up his back seats. I couldn’t believe it. Surely this wasn’t worth $30? Surely it wasn’t worth the arm scratches, the possible torn upholstery, or the humiliation of driving down the street in your 4 door car full of sticks and leaves for $30?

Lessons Learned

After about 40 minutes of this guy cramming every last branch and leaf into every single crevice of his car, I came out and paid him his $30. He thanked me with a firm handshake and drove off. I was inspired. Why did I feel bad? This guy just made $30 in a half an hour! He wasn’t feeling sorry for himself, why should I? I actually envy the drive this guy has. The drive to do what needs to be done to get to his goal. What were his goals? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. His goal could be to be to save up money to buy a house, or his goal could be to buy food for his family for the day. All I know is, he WILL get his goal.

Why was this guy willing to look silly out on my driveway, sweating, scratching up his skin and his car, just for $30? Because he needed it!

What did the guy in the Pontiac teach me?

    • If ANYONE has the right to make an excuse, it was this guy! He could have let the fact he didn’t have a truck, or that he didn’t have a chainsaw, or that $30 isn’t a lot of money stop him from doing this little job. Imagine if Edison let excuses get in his way! The guy in the Pontiac didn’t let excuses come between him and that money! He bid lower than any other offer, because he was going to do what it took without excuses!
    • He didn’t have a truck, he didn’t have a chainsaw, he didn’t have anything practical for the job. He had to be unconventional. Thinking outside of the box is a mark of history makers and all successful people. When I think back to every success I’ve had, I realize I had to put an unconventional spin on things to make it happen.

    • As motivational speaker Eric Thomas says: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” The guy in the Pontiac wanted it more than the guy offering to do it for $60. In life, whether it be success in relationships, finances, career, education, or spirituality, you need to want it bad enough.

A Little Extra Motivation

“At the end of pain is success!” -Eric Thomas (Motivational Speaker)

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Written by: Kyle Marvin

Kyle is a digital marketing consultant with 12+ years experience in SEO, social media and paid traffic. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and three kids. Kyle consults small and medium sized businesses with their digital marketing needs and is the Digital Marketing Manager of RapidVisa, Inc. Reach out to Kyle on Twitter.

  • Bryan

    Wow. Kyle, what an awesome story, and how it really is about leaving excuses out of the equation. That guy could have made every possible excuse, yet, like you said, he made a little cash in a fairly short period, and it worked for him.

    Good stuff man.

    August 15, 2012 at 4:06 pm
  • KomputerGeec

    Great motivational story! Good for the guy with 90s Pontiac!

    September 5, 2013 at 8:22 am

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