Kyle Marvin | Local SEO
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Why Local SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website so that it can be found in the organic search and map results of search engines like Google and Yahoo. It’s not only a recommendation, but it is a requirement in today’s global economy. Small businesses in America allocated an average of 22% of their marketing budgets towards SEO in 2011. Don’t be one of the many businesses who are falling behind because the yellow pages just don’t cut it in today’s world. In 2011, 97% of American consumers used the internet to find products or services, and only 22% used the phone book. Through best practices, patience, and a solid team behind you, your web presence can generate your business new profitable leads from customers that are looking for just what you have to offer them.

How are Local Results Different?

Local search results have essentially replaced the phone book. This is where people are searching for local products and services. As you can see by the heat map below, the top 3 maps results in Google get over 50% of the eyes. You need to show up in these results because quite frankly, it’s where your customers are.

Google Plus Local Heat Map

The “hotter” the area is, the more eyes were tracked viewing it.

Why Hire Me?

Many SEO agencies require large deposits, year long commitments, no guarantees, and charge thousands per month for doing so. Also, many of these agencies use outdated practices that are now being penalized by Google. They use risky, manipulative methods of building links to your site, that Google has brought down the hammer on, to the point of destroying once strong online presences. In some cases, innocent, oblivious small businesses are having their websites de-indexed, or removed from Google’s search results altogether.

SEO is a risky practice if done incorrectly, and though you may get short term results from these methods Google has a whole building full of highly paid employees who’s sole career is aimed at improving their search algorithm to return the most relevant results that don’t use these manipulative SEO tactics.

My Local SEO Focus:

  • Quality Content
  • User Experience
  • On Page Optimization
  • Relevancy
  • Analytical Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media
  • Best Practice Linking Strategy
  • Quality Citation Building

I will work with you to achieve your local SEO goals.

How Much Does it Cost?

Initial Setup

When I assess your website, I’ll give you a free consultation on the opportunity for improvement of your web presence. One of the most important things I can do, which is required before telling the world wide web about your site, is to make sure the search engines know what your site is about. This includes the copy on your site, the keywords you want to rank for, and the unseen code issues that will help your site gain ‘points’ from the search engines. Once we determine what is needed, we will quote you an initial setup cost that is a one-time fee to cover these fixes to your site.

Factors that affect the setup cost:

  • Which CMS (Content Management System) your site is using – (ie. WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • How much copywriting or editing is required
  • How many keywords you are looking to rank for
  • How many code issues there are with your site

Monthly Off Page Campaign

Once your site is ready to receive the flow of web attention, I will begin your off page campaign. This includes using our best practices methods to get signals pointing to your site, via links, citations, press releases, and more. This is an ongoing process, and in order to continue gaining ground in the rankings, and stay there, we will systematically work to show the search engines over time that your site is the most relevant to your search terms.

Factors that affect the monthly rate:

  • The intensity of your competitors’ SEO campaigns
  • The competitiveness of your targeted keyword phrases
  • The number of targeted keyword phrases

Simply put, if you have advertized in the phone book, but aren’t achieving the online traffic you’d like to, you’ll love me. I’m efficient, affordable and I don’t require long-term commitments.

Shoot me an email at email