Kyle Marvin | Dear ALL Web Marketers: You are Not a Ninja!
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Dear ALL Web Marketers: You are Not a Ninja!

Dear ALL Web Marketers: You are Not a Ninja!

You Are NOT A FREAKIN NINJAIf I were to write a letter to all web marketing ‘gurus’ who self proclaim to be ninjas, I’d start with… Dear All Web Marketing “Gurus”:

Why do you think you have the audacity to compare yourself with a ‘ninja’? You sit at a desk and mostly outsource your SEO and other web marketing tasks. If you’re good, you’ll even read great related blogs, study resources, and constantly keep up with the changing tide of SEO. But ninja? What you do is hardly equivalent to what a Japanese master in ninjutsu does.

Real ninjas are masters of ancient espionage and unconventional warfare. Some of their tasks involved assassinations, infiltration, sabotage, and overall hoodwinkery. Why do you continue to give our industry a bad name by making what we do out to be some unscrupulous, unconventional warfare against search engines? You think you are giving yourself a term of endearment, but in fact, you are associating yourself with wanting to pull off some secret espionage, sabotage, and infiltration into the search engines.

I bet you felt really ‘ninja’ like when Google Penguin came out and slapped you with penalties for your awesome ninja moves. I may be making something out of nothing. I may be acting trivial, but I know tons of legitimate marketing professionals who take the profession seriously who are tired of being lumped into the same category.

Don’t Hire a Ninja

We’re all politically correct when it comes to equal opportunity employment but let me be so bold as to advise you to never hire a self proclaimed ninja. They are not who you want for long term strength in your web presence, especially in search engine optimization. They are out to trick the system with the newest ‘ninja’ technique. They are plagued with shiny object syndrome. They are the hare in the race of the tortoise and the hare, which eventually loses in the end. In order to maintain a long-lasting web presence, you need to play by the rules, and what is ethical. It’s not rocket science, but it is hard work.

These Moves Aren’t “Ninja”. And They Work:

  • Have a quality, well designed site with easy to use navigation and a great user experience
  • Make sure your site runs fast, is W3 validated, and has its gears in order on the back end
  • Focus on quality content that people would want to read
  • Share your quality content in relevant neighborhoods online
  • Contribute in relevant online communities by commenting in forums and on blogs
  • Use superior software to find opportunities to connect (backlinking)
  • Register your site in manually moderated directories
  • Write a press release
  • Contribute something to society

If you are a former self-professed ninja, it’s not too late to come back over from the dark side. If I offended you, you probably deserve it. You’re a guy who sits at a computer and tries to scam the search engines, you’re not a ninja, and that is all.

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Written by: Kyle Marvin

Kyle is a digital marketing consultant with 12+ years experience in SEO, social media and paid traffic. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and three kids. Kyle consults small and medium sized businesses with their digital marketing needs and is the Digital Marketing Manager of RapidVisa, Inc. Reach out to Kyle on Twitter.

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  • KomputerGeec

    Haha, YES! THANK YOU! And “samurai” and “pirates” too! You have to be careful with any of these people calling themselves “ninja,” “expert,” “guru,” and so on. I’m glad someone else noticed this whole “ninja” thing too!

    September 5, 2013 at 8:24 am

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