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4 Ways to Kick Facebook’s Algorithm Update in the Teeth

Facebook has recently been rocking the boat with their EdgeRank algorithm in what some describe as a "money grab". The good ol' days of Facebook keeping its purist coolness, as depicted in The Social Network are apparently over. Reality has caught up and shareholders are...


5 Ways to Market Your Boring Business on Facebook

Even though popularity continues to grow for social media platforms like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr & Pinterest, the granddaddy of them all is still Facebook. I don't diminish the importance of the other networks in your overall marketing strategy, but the fact remains that Facebook is...

5 Steps to Annihilate Social With Instagram & Tumblr

5 Steps to Annihilate Social With Instagram & Tumblr

I cannot stress how much more important social signals are going to become for SEO in 2013, moving into 2014, and beyond. In fact, during this past SMX West, apparently, according to attendees, Google's own Matt Cutts "nodded in agreement" at this tweet that not...