Kyle Marvin | About Me
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Kyle Marvin

Kyle Marvin (2018)

I’ve always been an adventurer at heart. Growing up as a military brat, my world view was widened, as I traveled to over a dozen countries before the age of 12. Fresh out of school I had humanitarian ambitions and took an unusual path. While my peers were going into debt, drudging through institutionalized higher education learning fields they had no passion for, I saw more of the world. I did two years of humanitarian work in southern Africa, further widening my worldview.

I came back with a clearer vision of what I like doing. Storytelling. The world is full of innumerable, incredible stories to tell. Storytelling is the essence of marketing. I like telling stories of companies and organizations I believe in. I wanted to be a marketer. I enrolled in Colorado Technical University to pursue a marketing management degree. I was paying out of pocket, and acing it. But it turns out there was no easy way to stay in without going into debt. I wasn’t going to be another drone. Again, I took an unusual path.

I believe autodidacticism is one of the most underrated undertakings of our day. After all, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, and even Abraham Lincoln were autodidacts. I ventured out to read, listen, and learn. I wanted to… No… I needed to know marketing. The eagerness to broaden my knowledge is stronger than ever today, 13 years after I began my marketing career.

In 2006, I ventured away from a decent marketing management job with a small contractor to start my own ecommerce business. I learned a lot along the way, and even made a few million dollars. Since then, I’ve continued my endeavors in storytelling, constantly adding to my techniques, strategies and practices. I aim to be the go-to full-stack marketer wherever I am working.

Today, I work full-time as the Marketing Manager of RapidVisa, an online provider of immigration filing services. I also take on a few select freelance marketing clients and am aspiring to be a real estate investor in the near future.