Kyle Marvin | Full Stack Digital Marketer in Las Vegas, NV
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My Skillset


Search engine optimization is about researching what users are searching for, determining what their intent is, building content for that intent, then promoting the content. It’s also about increasing organic traffic, not ranking #1 for a specific search term. I have a record of increasing organic traffic and user metrics.


Retargeting is one of the most powerful digital marketing practices today. I utilize unique campaigns for unique intent, delayed tag firing, and sensible VTC attribution that help structure campaigns that convert at insanely low CPAs. I also build partnerships with companies so we can retarget their audiences.


Any storyteller or marketer should have some level of copywriting ability. I came to terms with it a few years ago. I write copy. I continually work to improve my communication ability, and approach it from a full stack mentality. I’ve copywritten hundreds of blog posts, eBooks, guides, and web content pages.

Email Marketing

It’s insane to me how effective email marketing is even today. What’s more insane is how some companies aren’t utilizing it. I use highly segmented listing strategies, along with copywriting and A/B split testing to manage email campaigns that convert. Nurturing leads from the top to the bottom of the funnel is heavily influenced by email.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO involves using the data discovered in the analytics, and implementing A/B split-testing to make a landing page, email, or other content property convert at its highest potential. Elements of these properties that I regularly test are copy, colors, layout, and design. I want to tweak each part of the funnel to convert at the highest potential.

Paid Search

I’ve been managing six-figure Google Adwords and Bing budgets since 2008. Over the years I have built a record of continual improvement of PPC performance. I build dozens, sometimes hundreds of campaign/adgroup/ad variants for my clients. I use advanced conversion attribution to make agile adjustments for maximum ROI.

Social Media

Social media is not just posting selfies with duckface. It’s about human engagement. But there are technical aspects and scientific strategies that many amateurs don’t use, even today. I custom cater my clients’ social presence for their audience. Then I utilize advanced analytics to make the most of each social interaction.

Content Marketing

Content marketing combines copywriting and SEO, among other things. It’s about finding a need for a specific piece of content, creating it, and promoting it. I do this every day. What’s the use of yelling into an empty room? Find the crowd, then speak their language. Benefits that follow: Links, press, & love.


I utilize Google Tag Manager to manage all tags, including the Google Analytics tag. I utilize strategies like UTM parameters, event tracking, heatmaps, user metrics analysis, and conversion tracking. A painfully large portion of my day involves analytics. The best way to make decisions is to look at the data.

Inbound Methodology

Instead of blasting our brands out, we now need to listen to the consumer. Listen to what their pain points are, provide a solution, then nurture that person to a lead, then to a customer. We want customers to knock on our door, not the other way around. I’m a Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional.

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