4 Ways to Kick Facebook’s Algorithm Update in the Teeth

Zuck keeping it cool.Facebook has recently been rocking the boat with their EdgeRank algorithm in what some describe as a “money grab”. The good ol’ days of Facebook keeping its purist coolness, as depicted in The Social Network are apparently over. Reality has caught up and shareholders are real. It was only a matter of how – not if – Facebook would end up causing a stink with their monetization methods. The latest affects on Facebook reach and engagement really have marketers in a pickle.

The first 2 minutes of this video by Veritasium, a channel at Youtube primarily showcasing science videos, explain in layman’s terms Continue reading

5 Ways to Market Your Boring Business on Facebook

Your business is freaking boring: Grumpy CatEven though popularity continues to grow for social media platforms like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr & Pinterest, the granddaddy of them all is still Facebook. I don’t diminish the importance of the other networks in your overall marketing strategy, but the fact remains that Facebook is the most popular in terms of membership and time spent. It goes without saying any business big or small needs to have a presence on Facebook, especially moving forward to the SEO of 2014 and beyond.

But… My business is boring. How do I rock it on Facebook? Continue reading

Augmented Reality and the Future of the Internet Marketing

Google GlassTen years ago, we couldn’t imagine that a new product would come along we now couldn’t live without. Today, over half of us own a smartphone, and the average owner spends an hour a day on the devices. Prior to 2010, tablets were a thing of novelty, but this year, tablet ownership has doubled from last year to a whopping 34% of Americans now owning a tablet device. Remember when Steve Jobs demonstrated the first iPhone in 2007 to a cheering crowd who couldn’t believe their eyes when seeing some of its features? Features that only six years later we take for granted that many of us use every day. Continue reading

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate in Colorado, California or Illinois

Do you live in one of the ‘banned states’ where Amazon won’t let you become their affiliate? These currently include: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It’s not your fault – you didn’t make the stupid tax law that tries to gather more sales tax revenue from online sales, but now you’re being punished. There is a ‘workaround’, if you will, that I found, and it seems to work. Continue reading

5 Steps to Annihilate Social With Instagram & Tumblr

instagram-tumblrI cannot stress how much more important social signals are going to become for SEO in 2013, moving into 2014, and beyond. In fact, during this past SMX West, apparently, according to attendees, Google’s own Matt Cutts “nodded in agreement” at this tweet that not only are social signals directly used as a ranking factor, but social is used as the final say in rankings. I know it’s not the definitive strong evidence one would ideally want, but in SEO, it’s almost as good as it gets. Before I get into the actual steps, I’ll explain in more detail the exact tools and methods I use, then recap with the steps. Continue reading

Why Your Local Business Must Go Mobile in 2013

mobile local searchA good marketer knows that to get found by your customers, you need to determine who they are, and get in front of them. Part of this common sense that tends to be overlooked by business owners who are set in their ways is the notion that you must go where your customers are. You are not better than your customers at knowing what your customers want. When coming up with a marketing strategy, I like to keep an open mind and think like a consumer.

It’s not news anymore. Our society is increasingly mobile. Consider these 3 points that may begin to convince you that you need to get on the mobile “bandwagon” in 2013: Continue reading

Anchor Text Diversity Tips & Strategies

anchor text exampleAnchor text is simply the words that show up in a link. For over 10 years it was common SEO practice to build all anchor texts to your site using the keywords you wished to rank for, but that’s all changed. A lot of webmasters are clamoring for a perfect “formula” for how diverse to keep their backlink anchor text ever since Penguin & Panda. My take on it is to take Google’s word for it when they state their guidelines. Their standards are already set, it is just their algorithm that has begun to “catch up” with their standards.  They have hundreds of engineers who’s whole job is to make their algorithms smarter and act more human to determine which sites most reflect their standards. Continue reading

Google’s Link Disavow Tool: Penguin Cure?

Why is this Tool Needed? Here’s the Background…

Ever since April 24th, when Google’s Penguin Update took effect, webmasters have been speculating and fearing if there would ever be a way to get those lost rankings back. When the Google “webspam” team admitted that the algo update included actual penalties from certain bad links, it gave birth to the new industry of negative SEO. Up until this update, bad links were simply discounted by Google’s algorithms. They would simply pass no PageRank to the linked destination. With Penguin, bad links started passing negative PageRank, Continue reading

Post Panda & Penguin On-Page Optimization Checklist

panda penguinOn page optimization is essentially any activity that will affect your search engine rankings that is done on your website. With Google changing their algorithm hundreds of times a year, along with other search engines, it’s important to stay up on these, and make sure you are doing all you can where you have the most control: on your site itself. I’ve compiled a checklist of what I’ve found to be the best ways to keep your on page in compliance, for best results.

Algorithmic & Principled Factors

Algorithmic factors are directly affected by Google’s algorithm. Continue reading

Motivation From a Guy in a Pontiac Sunbird

motivationI love Craigslist. Especially for getting rid of stuff, and finding people do to things for cheap.  My family and I are in the process of moving, but before we move, we need to sell our house. In an effort to get the property looking ‘show ready’, this past weekend we did a lot of yard work. By the end, we had a giant pile of trimmed branches from our apricot tree. Some of the wood was large, some sections were 6 feet long and 8 inches in diameter. Also, a lot of it was small branches with leaves. The mass filled half our driveway.The branches on my apricot tree are jagged, sharp and a pain in the neck to deal with. Continue reading